WRAP is a Japanese label founded in 2018.
We create sensorial artworks without being bound by the concept.
We are inspired by objects and things in our daily lives, such as the colors of city walls and rooftops, films, music, words, letters and tactile sensations.
Most of our artwork is in cloth.
Unique clothes made in Japan and all over the world that reflect local history and culture.
However, this individuality is being lost over time.
For this reason, we collect clothes with unique designs and textures from all over the world to create artworks with our sense of style and disseminate our works to the world.




荻野 淳也 / 荻野 瞳

Junya Ogino / Hitomi Ogino
Our experience includes shoe design, garment sample sewing, garment  sales, and buyer.
Later, we established WRAP as a couple.
They have a free spirit that All works are handmade, from design to sewing.